Edyfi Coliving House, Salt Lake City

Jan 5th - April 10th, 2021


We got together for 3 months in Salt Lake City, Utah to engage in intentional living, focused work, meaningful relationships, and deep exploration.

We brough together thinkers and non-traditionalists; technologists, entrepreneurs, researchers, advocates, philosophers, and creatives, aligned around a common desire to address the world’s most pressing issues.


Benjamin Laufer: Organizer, Luke Piette: Organizer, Alexander Wu, Daniel Edrisian, Ba Thien Tran, Saurav Pahadia, Brennan Colberg, Gabriel Lobl, Samson Zhang, Mattea Holt Colberg, Will Hoppin, Rikard Saqe, Davide Radaelli, Silen Naihin

Fun Memories


In Edyfi Spring '21, we did a poor job on diversity.

Edyfi members committed to having at least 40% women and non-binary individuals in any future opportunity organized.

We believe that everyone benefits from diverse groups of people coming together and that our community should reflect the population of the regions and countries its members are from.